Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Missy is five and yummy cookies!

We celebrated Big Missy's 5th birthday just recently. It was also the National Day celebration in her school. She loves watching Disney movies and she chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Ariel cake for her birthday this year. We brought along Little Missy to the school for some fun and she will be going to Nursery next year, same school as her Jie-Jie. How time flies!
Goodie bags for her classmates

Recent cookies craze - Chocolate chips and walnut cookies. I added extra raisins and these are real crispy and yummy and they were all gone within the day! I managed to yield about 35 cookies based on this recipe. But my cookies are pretty chunky, you could probably make a lot more if you dough them smaller.


bp said...

hi charlene, thanks for coming by, i've missed u n it's harder these days for me to find time to blog. gd to see u keeping well n creative n busy as always!

happy belated birthday to your lovely big girl, and meimei is growing up beautifully and fast too... you're right, how time flies! the 2 sisters look so sweet together n your goodie bags look really professional! n those chunky choc chip cookies must be yum!

jobs retail said...

Oh I love the cake and those cookies. Can I taste it? LOL!!!