Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lovely things

As usual I'm slow in updating my project. These mini diaries were made from last year. I am so pleased with the end result - covered linen with word definitions, the ivory cream pearly colors here . The kind of simplicity I like. I am carrying two of those in my bag now and given the rest to my lovely bunch of girlfriends, P, E and G. Someone asked if I still scrapbook. Yes, I still do periodically and I do have some layouts to share but my scanner has died on me recently. I will try to take some pictures and post them soon!

small diary - imagine

small diaries

small diary

small diary - journal

small diary - journal

And recently a custom made pencil case for S's girlfriend whom is
affectionately known as duckie. Hehe cute! Luckily I still have a wee bit of the duckie print fabric left and made her one!


serene said...

i got a surprise seeing duckie's pencil case featured! she loved it. thanks so much! :)

John said...

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