Thursday, February 12, 2009


I first tried this great tasting cold dessert at my sister-in-law's wedding ten years ago at Spice Garden Fort Canning (under the Tung Lok Restaurant Group). Since then, I've tried making my own version and this simple recipe is a keeper in my family. If you decided not to make it yourself, I strongly recommend Ji De Chi (记得吃). It is one place in Singapore (a few outlets located at Bugis and Liang Seah Street) that sells good desserts!


1. 2-3 ripe mango

2. 250g sago pearls

3. 100ml Evaporated mil

4. 100ml fresh milk (i.e. Meiji)

5. Mango juice (i.e Marigold Peel Fresh)

6. Pomelo flesh

7. 3-4 tbsp sugar

8. 150ml water


1. Bring 150ml of water and sugar to boil until sugar dissolves. Leave syrup to cool.

2. Slice or cut mango into cubes.

3. Peel pamelo into small pieces.

4. Put sago pearls into a pot of boiling water, keep stirring and cook until transparent. Pour cooked sago pearls into a sieve, rinse running water and drain.

5. Mix syrup, mango cubes/slices, sago pearls, evaporated, fresh milk in a bowl. Finally add pamelo and mixed well. Serve chilled.



esther said...

hi! :)
i read ur blog but i dun usually leave comments. however, i must say that this dessert is an abolutest favourite of mine and im going to try it out immediately :)
thanks for sharing!
oh, just thought it might be useful for u to mention number of portions ur recipe can make ;)but anyway im going to make twice the amount to share with my church friends :)
God bless

Coochies & All said...

Hi Charlene,
Sorry I've not written for a long time. I love that cardigan you knitted!! Very pretty!! Coincidentally I just started knitting as well - learnt a few stitches last week at chinatown, and am trying to sew a simple scarf now, but my goodness, I am struggling with it! The minute I lose concentration, I'll make a mistake. I redid the scarf more than 6 times now - looks like I'm currently doing ok so let's hope I'll finish it by the end of this year. haha. I'm enjoying knitting now and hope I can one day knit a cardigan like what you did. Pray for me ok? :)
elaine t