Thursday, February 26, 2009

be wise

Just finished with the knitted cardigan for little Missy! I was inspired by a yellow cabled cardigan from an online store and I love seeing Little Missy in yellow you see. I knitted the button band and sewed on the buttons before doing the sleeves though it's a little short for her. I love the outcome of this and its color although the piece is quite lumpy and holey. :p
I must say I enjoyed the knitting process, its was relaxing as I took my time to complete this piece without giving myself much pressure to complete it. I learned to knit when I was in high school. It was pretty easy to pick up the knitting sequence again after all these years. But oh I work like a tortoise in this department. I procrastinate too much while working on a knitting project. And you can say I lack patience when it comes to knitting as I very much prefer to work on smaller and quicker projects. I really wish to knit hats and scarves for myself, the hubby and of course our two precious. Who knows I might pick up the needles and start to knit and purl again!

My owl badge has been featured in the March 09 issue of CLEO magazine. So thankful to B, the designer and Ann for contacting me, liking my work and the lovely feature!

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lilstitchy said...

OMG! u're in cleo? congrats! well i've given u an award in my blog!