Thursday, February 26, 2009

be wise

Just finished with the knitted cardigan for little Missy! I was inspired by a yellow cabled cardigan from an online store and I love seeing Little Missy in yellow you see. I knitted the button band and sewed on the buttons before doing the sleeves though it's a little short for her. I love the outcome of this and its color although the piece is quite lumpy and holey. :p
I must say I enjoyed the knitting process, its was relaxing as I took my time to complete this piece without giving myself much pressure to complete it. I learned to knit when I was in high school. It was pretty easy to pick up the knitting sequence again after all these years. But oh I work like a tortoise in this department. I procrastinate too much while working on a knitting project. And you can say I lack patience when it comes to knitting as I very much prefer to work on smaller and quicker projects. I really wish to knit hats and scarves for myself, the hubby and of course our two precious. Who knows I might pick up the needles and start to knit and purl again!

My owl badge has been featured in the March 09 issue of CLEO magazine. So thankful to B, the designer and Ann for contacting me, liking my work and the lovely feature!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I first tried this great tasting cold dessert at my sister-in-law's wedding ten years ago at Spice Garden Fort Canning (under the Tung Lok Restaurant Group). Since then, I've tried making my own version and this simple recipe is a keeper in my family. If you decided not to make it yourself, I strongly recommend Ji De Chi (记得吃). It is one place in Singapore (a few outlets located at Bugis and Liang Seah Street) that sells good desserts!


1. 2-3 ripe mango

2. 250g sago pearls

3. 100ml Evaporated mil

4. 100ml fresh milk (i.e. Meiji)

5. Mango juice (i.e Marigold Peel Fresh)

6. Pomelo flesh

7. 3-4 tbsp sugar

8. 150ml water


1. Bring 150ml of water and sugar to boil until sugar dissolves. Leave syrup to cool.

2. Slice or cut mango into cubes.

3. Peel pamelo into small pieces.

4. Put sago pearls into a pot of boiling water, keep stirring and cook until transparent. Pour cooked sago pearls into a sieve, rinse running water and drain.

5. Mix syrup, mango cubes/slices, sago pearls, evaporated, fresh milk in a bowl. Finally add pamelo and mixed well. Serve chilled.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the persimmon

Nice food, nice company, nice place, cosy ambience. Celebrating little Z's 2nd birthday at Persimmon by epicurious. This is a Euro-Singaporean Bistro & Bar just besides the cosy + stylish boutique The Link Hotel Singapore.

reception counter
check out that 'vase'!love the vintage mosaic tiles

I had pan-fried Dory Fish new with
Chinese olive and long bean relish

yummy cake!!
going home and a tired looking big missy
cheeky grin from little missy

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first month (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th.

The preparation for Chinese New Year is so exciting just like Christmas! There are so much happiness and joy, of course with all the yummy goodies. There are also lots of CNY traditions to follow. My favorite key traditions I adhere to are buying new clothes, shoes, pajamas for the family (Can't say whether it's an excuse for me to indulge in shopping or not). However, one of the traditions that I find really silly - not to buy shoes within the 15 days of new year? Something to do with fortune and wealth stuff? I bought 5 pairs of shoes till date and just 2 more from yesterday! I'm a shoes addict, that's it. :D

One must have New Year tidbits like Pineapple tarts, Kueh Bagkit and Pineapple tarts or otherwise, or it really wouldn't be the New Year. The favorite things to do over CNY is of course as simple as it is. A season where all gather together as a family with lots of love spread over this season! Hope you all have a great Chinese New Year that symbolize the start of a fresh new year with good health, family harmony and wealth!

she loves shark fin!
on the eve
Day 1
the girls simply adore looney girl
Handsome little Z!
Day 2
Little Missy doing her signature pose
Homemade "Yu Sheng" (by mother-in-law) topped with abalone! YUM!
Aunt J's family