Tuesday, December 23, 2008

our mini christmas party

Yay, two more days to Christmas! I received some custom orders from R, H and B for their Christmas event and pals. I started working on them right after a party that we hosted last Saturday together with our cousins and friends. I stayed up till 4am to complete the orders and I was completely zonked out at 930pm the next day! Saturday's party was fun fun fun, potluck session with yummilious home cooked and store bought food - mum's bee hoon and fried rice, choco fondue, aunt's agar agar, mini muffin madness, canape from Coffeebean, logcake and honey baked ham from Bakerzin, sushi platter and many more! Of course, the kids enjoyed hitting the pinata!

Hope you all have the most enjoyable X'mas celebration with your loved ones.
Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all!

our 6 feet tall christmas tree!

a treasure chest to store X'mas goodies for the kids!

sushi platter
healthy salad

the muffins
chocolat grand logcake from Bakerzin - it was really good!
the pinata most loved by the kids!
big missy and sher
tanya, big missy and sher

girls in their pyjamas but the mums are still mahjong-ing lol
lovely Ashley and Desiree

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bp said...

Blessed Christmas to you Charlene, and your beautiful family! Wow, what great food, and fun for the kids!