Monday, December 01, 2008

first of decemeber

It's only 24 days to Christmas and counting down!

Many of my to-do list:
  1. Stock up more goods at casualpoet and my etsy shop
  2. Taking pictures of my completed totes, art projects and scrapbooking layouts!
  3. Finalizing the details with The Anadaman
  4. Sending parcel/gifts to my overseas friends
  5. Finalize the details for pre-x'mas gathering on the 20th Dec
  6. Sew cute little bags for the little guests
  7. Handmade cards for friends
  8. Last minute Christmas shopping
  9. To complete the curtain for the girls' room
  10. Preparing for a mini scrapbooking class this Saturday
girl by the window

burp cloths for a girlfriend's newborn

a different ink color for the pins and there are green,
orange and blue too
joy piece


peata said...

wow. great stuff here.
if that were my list, it totally wouldn't be completed.

Jennie said...

Miss your postings. I hope to see more of your layouts and crafts soon :-)

mary said...

lovely !