Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a rainy evening

Has it been a month already?! I've been really busy at work especially with the upcoming regional meeting. Two of my cousins are getting married this month! We attended one last Saturday, will be attending another one this week and our friend's wedding on the 1st Nov! With Little Missy who is becoming quite a handful nowadays, I really need a good massage as my whole body ached since last week. She refused to be carried when we are out of the house and she can scream like she's in a horror movie! I have almost forgotten about the terrible twos phrase if you ask me. So I have been busy hunting for dresses and shoes for my two lovelies. More shopping done at ON, Gymboree, TCP. None for myself for now but I have to get a piece of nice evening dress by this week.

Looking at
this, this, this, this or maybe going back to this, this and this if I could afford to stay in one of their lovely estates!

Thanks to those who emailed and inquired about my work. I neglected my little shop for quite a while but there will be some new stuffs very soon. My new craft supply should be in the mail anytime from now!

All the cousins had a great time catching up at my cousin's wedding last weekend. The kids too, had fun playing with their little cousins!

my lovely nephew and niece

It's drizzling outside but I am off to the hair salon for a nice hair makeover!