Sunday, September 14, 2008

mid month

Gearing up to sew more stuff for the shop and for causal poet. I can't wait to see the wonderful stuff R brings back from Taiwan for CP! I am hoping that the regional meeting will be held in Taipei this year so that I can go on a shopping spree again. I really enjoyed the food and shopping there especially for their wide range of the beauty skincare products. My mother-in-law is heading to Hokkaido this December with my sister-in-law's family again and they are spending 12 days there! Our family can't join them this time round due to hubby's busy work schedule and my new job commitment, so sad! But I am in the midst of preparing a long shopping list for them!

Back on my sewing machine, I am working on a new batch of passport covers, cellphone pouches, more of the appliqued pencil cases, bigger pouches, totes plus some other cute stuff. I will update after I photographed them.

Plus some pictures taken at the Singapore Zoo, a couple of weeks back..

little missy is turning 2 coming November!


bp said...

Your girls are growing beautifully! Jiejie is such a natural in front of the camera... i love her smiles =)

Creative B Bee said...

Love yr blog so much and love all yr works. You are so creative.

chicchicbaby said...

my..*ahem*..dil is so pretty!! btw, I've been wanting to visit casual poet.