Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 already!

It's been sometime since I've posted here. Life has been crazily-busy at work and home, trying to get things wrapped up. I had the privilege of collaborating with really great people. So thankful for all the potential business opportunities. . Also busy catching up with the Olympics on cable tv. It's grand opening was just spectacular and the performances were amazing. Busy it is but every day is a great day for me.

Big Missy just turned 4 on the 7th August, 2 days after mine and 2 days before Singapore 43rd birthday! We cut off her long hair before school started. She is looking more refreshing and of course it is more manageable - no more tying of Big Missy's hair early in the morning for me. :p

She chose and picked two Strawberry Shortcake cakes this year - one for school and the other for home. No more DIY goodie bags this year. I wish I had more time. The kids loved the goodie bags and the yummy chocolate cake, they helped themselves with 2 servings!

Next up, will be making some gifts for the coming teacher's day!

the cake for home
goodie bags for the kids
with her lovely classmates

We went to the zoo yesterday. It was such a great weather! Later...


Coochies & All said...

Hi Charlene - haven't written for a long time - sorry. Have been busy too! Hey, your girl shares the same birthdate as my elder boy! He turned 8 this year. And you share the same birthdate as my hubby! :) Happy Belated Birthday to you - hope you had a great one. :)
elaine t

Sylvie said...

Happy birthday Big Missy! She looks so adorable with her new haircut!

Sylvie said...

Happy birthday Big Missy! She looks so adorable with her new haircut!

Stephanie M said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Big Missy!! she share the same birth date as me.:)

enfa.75 said...

I love your blog,so full of inspirations...and your little ladies are soooo cute!!!!
bye from Italy!!!

Charlene Teo said...

Thank you all!

Elaine, Step, really! So many Leo babies! :D

casualpoet said...

omg so cute! bring her to the shop!! ;pp

bp said...

Happy belated birthday to you and Big Missy! Look at her big smiles, what a sweetie!!!