Sunday, July 27, 2008

so lovin' it

I managed to achieve what I want. Life is good, everything else too...:)

Friday, July 18, 2008


My kids love this - cornflakes cookies. I have to give it a try even though I don't bake. I mean I can't bake! I have little to share about when it comes to baking. Maybe I was not given the flair for baking. The baking terms, measurements freaked me out. Someone told me that cornflakes cookies are called Honey Joy in Australia. I love that name, it really sounds happy! I will be making these for the coming teacher's day and present them in some nice containers.

Have you seen the food photos on flickr yet? Those pictures are so well taken, inspiring and mouthwatering looking. What a blessing for one to be able to be doing what you love to do and preparing daily meals for your loved ones.

Our simple dishes for dinner

egg soup

More work in progress - tape, stamping, ink

I am honored to be invited to contribute to Bloesem’s World Tour project. You can read the whole report here and here. Thanks for the invite Irene, I hope to see you in Singapore very soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

art therapy

She loves art therapy

Big Missy's drawing/painting pieces

Bits and pieces I've outgrown. I think there are more.
It's probably time to get them a new home!

Patchwork lamp cover which I did for the orange room back then. The room looks so much cosier with it.
I have received some delicious Making Memories papers in the mail on Friday! More layouts, cards to be done. Almost done with the items made for Casualpoet and I'm looking forward to see the new look/stuff in the shop.

Friday, July 11, 2008

my fair ladies

Two little ladies monkeying around in the house. Okay, our little Missy's hair is taking a long time to grow while her sister's hair is getting way too long. I will be bringing big missy for a hair cut after her birthday. But guess what she told me, but mummy having long hair is nicer! Vanity begins at a very young age huh?

Monday, July 07, 2008

back to school

I have finished this batch of custom pencil cases order for a UK customer. These will be in tomorrow's mail. I hope she likes the colors, stamps and texts I picked.

Friday, July 04, 2008

quiet afternoon

It's Friday. My kind of a quiet and undisturbed afternoon while the kids are napping - a cup of Earl Grey and munching my all time favorite butter sultana cookies from Marks and Spencer. Then continue to do some scrapping. I just realised it's coming to a close 3 years from the time I started scrapbooking. Time is gone way too quickly.

Have a nice weekend everyone and Happy 4th of July to my friends in America!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sentosa Island

Here are the pictures taken during our recent trip to Sentosa Island. We reached there after lunch and left the island close to 830pm as we couldn't get the 7.40pm show tickets at Songs of the Sea. I think the girls would have enjoyed the captivating music and stunning flame burst!

It used to be called the musical fountain and free admission for the public but now you need to pay to watch it.
A nice contemporary restaurant offering signature seafood cuisine
Big Missy at the Luge

She is truly a water babe
Satisfied looking little missy who just woke up from her nap.

We had a nice evening at the Fort Siloso beach