Friday, June 20, 2008

Singapore Science Centre

Two weeks ago, we headed to the Science Centre together with a long time girlfriend and her son. Big Missy is going to be 4 officially and we have, in the last 5 months, entered the "Why?" phase. Lots of questions being asked when we were there.

There are lots of interesting interactive exhibits going on but most of the exhibits might be too difficult for young children to grasp. Instead, they will definitely love the outdoor exhibits Water Works!

'imagine yourself here' - cute wall illustrations on 'why water is important?' Big Missy was seated on the red chair.

Big Missy loves watching science fiction movies. It must be under the influence of the hubby. As an avid Science fiction fan, he often plays old DVD titles: Aliens Vs. Predator, Star Wars, Harry Potter & Jurassic Park for Big Missy. Can you imagine how excited she was when she saw the 'dinosaurs' at the exhibit?

polar bear is looking so real


Marisa said...

That water park looks so awesome. I wish I lived a bit closer, our son would so enjoy that. It's so hot here that I might actually run through!

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

Hey Lady! What an awesome day! My jumpy kid would love that place, especially the dinosaurs! Little Missy is B-U-tiful! Hope all is going well with you!!