Friday, May 09, 2008

it's the Go Go Bambini!

We decided to bring the girls out for some indoor fun at Go Go Bambini located at Dempsey Hill. It is an enormous custom-designed interactive playscape with 5m high spiral slide for active play including climbing, sliding, bouncing, balancing, crawling and more. The girls enjoyed themselves throughout and mothers too! More like tired I think, lol. Oh, I thought the big tunnel-slide within was kind of scary! I got some light bruises on my elbows when I slide down the tunnel-slide. Getting old maybe! :p Anyhow, do watch your kids if you decided to try it. It was fun really. :)

Next, we had dinner at Ben & Jerry's cafe. Such a nice ambience for any occasion, any company. This Ben & Jerry’s outlet also houses CA california, a deli that serves really nice sandwiches, under the same roof. I love their little cosy fireplace too! I've forgotten to take a picture of it though, next time then!

The girls in the cool looking ice cream van

No nice indoor shots of the playscape due to the poor lightings. Good thing that we managed to take some nice and decent shots of the girls!

Ballpit area - They spent the most time here

Look at these sandwiches :D

Chris had this. I almost wanna eat that sunny side up egg!

I had this - turkey ham with mango!

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bp said...

What a fun day that must have been! Smiles all round from the girls, and the food looks good, too!

You have a great Mother's Day now, Charlene, you and your three precious darlings! =)