Thursday, May 29, 2008

books, art and craft

Bedtime reading has become a part of our daily routine. We have completed the Sight Word Readers six months ago and Big Missy is able to recognize most of the sight word. She is also doing some simple reading on her own. Little Missy also enjoys the reading sessions and at 18 month, she is able to speak a few words like mummy, daddy, jie-jie (elder sister), di-di (younger brother), mah mah (grandma), ah yi (our baby sitter), dog, apple, dirty, book, please, ball, bye bye, hello... And when you call her, she will always acknowledge it with a Huuuhhhh?? Too cute!

Our favorite books at the moment. Readers and books from Scholastics, Dr Seuss, Inch by Inch by David Mallett, Cock-a-doodle-doo! by Giles Andreae

Two weeks before the school holidays was the teachers-parents meeting session. I was looking forward to see some of Big Missy's artwork. The moment I entered her classroom, I noticed her work even before seeing her name on it. The one right in the center with the colorful tree trunk was done by her! Good to hear from the teachers that Big Missy knows her work well and is able to do her work independently in the class. I was told that she is an imaginative and creative girl who loves art and craft. Oh, she surprised me by writing her full name just recently!

We went to this Creative Art Corner at Toys'rus for some stenciling crafts. Big Missy chose this little house and she had a blast creating the pictures using the included stencils and paints.

Right from the oven after painting

Is August coming so soon? It's only 2 months away and my baby is going to be FOUR! Seriously, I do not think I have the energy to sew another round of goodie bags like last year and I am in the midst of rushing out some custom pencil cases, covers orders. So we might be doing something simpler for her birthday this year. :)


bp said...

Lil Missy is growing so well, and I love all her pictures and that very pretty stencil of the house!

bp said...

Typed too fast... I mean Lil and Big Missy... they are both growing wonderfully =)

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I remember certain birthday parties growing up and the most meaningful ones were the small and simple ones because the details were few and special! hooray for easier and simpler birthdays!