Friday, April 04, 2008

full of colors

I have been busy playing with lots of colors lately. Not scrapbooking or crafts related. Mineral Makeup that's it. I don't put on tons of makeup when I'm out. Just some light powder and blush, I am good to go. I am totally in love with Silk Naturals products. Of all the mineral makeup brands I've tried so far, I can say that SN suits me most. I love the natural look it gives and they are very long lasting too. Most importantly, a little goes a long way! I love buying blushes and I can never get enough of them. Go take a peek at SN's blushes if you are a blush lover like me. Putting on eyeshadow is not a daily task for me either but I just couldn't resist getting some samples from TheSheSpace, the ex-owner of Twisted Fayte. Gorgeous colors and pigments! I have some fun ideas for storing these little baggies. Yeah, it's time for an altered project! Stay tuned!

Love green, green, green

Darker green for the smoky effect

The blues and pinks are gorgeous!

Can't resist getting some of the purples

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