Thursday, March 27, 2008

artwork by big missy

Here are some of my favorite art pieces done by big missy. I am amazed at what she is drawing and her progress. Her drawings are looking more 'real' each day as compared to those she drew earlier. Right, I am definitely keeping and filing all her drawings and frame/line up some of those we like. I know she will enjoy her art lessons which she has been requesting for. We have shortlisted a few schools and we are putting her at RUS Art Studio. Long wait list I must say!

This is Mommy. Love love this!

And this is Dad. I thought it's Elmo!

Owl maybe?

1 comment:

bp said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Big Missy is very talented and has your artistic genes, Charlene =).

Did she say what that last picture is?

All the pieces are very well done, and worth framing up! Do share when there are more!