Thursday, February 21, 2008

a quick fix

The last thing you want to do is spend all weekend stressing out in the kitchen. I have some really simple meals that can be thrown together at the last minute, perfect for a simple & quick dinner! We like having home cooked steam pumpkin mushrooms rice for dinner and it is really fuss free and easy to prepare.

Here's my own recipe if you are interested to whip up a simple and healthy meal come this weekend.

The Ingredients:

1. Japanese Pumpkin (They are so much sweeter than the normal ones!)
2. Sausages (I recommend those traditional chinese sausages as they taste more fragrant)
3. Chicken
4. Mushrooms
5. Small onions
6. Soya Sauce
7. Oyster/Char Siew Sauce from Lee Kum Kee (I tried using the latter last week and it tasted just as good!)

Steamed Pumpkin Rice with Mushrooms and Chickens


1. Add small onions, the above ingredients (except for the chickens), oyster sauce. Pan fry until fragant for a good 1-2 minute. You don't have to fully cook these as you will need to transfer them to the steam cooker later.

2. Add washed uncooked rice (2 cups rice for a family of 4) to the wok and continue to pan fry for another minute.

3. Transfer everything from the wok to the steam cooker.

4. Add uncooked chickens (cut into pieces) to the steam cooker before the rice is fully cook and there you go. Easy?

Packing the goods.

Also, thanks Angie for the invite and featuring me here


Sandrine said...

this looks to taste yummi yummi ;-)

bp said...

This must be very yummy, like claypot rice, the pumpkin is such a nice touch! I have to get back to using the rice cooker one of these days, because I switched to the microwave to cook rice since it's faster and easier to wash up! Hehe!