Wednesday, February 13, 2008

long weekend's over

Yes pal, I'm on the front page of Etsy treasury! :D

A pity that we didn't take a lot of pictures for this lunar new year. What can one do when the kids were not being cooperative in front of the camera. I had to keep telling them not to move in front of the camera especially when taking some decent family shots. More like I'm not in a photo-taking mood haa! My pre-chinese new year run in probably drained a little more energy out of me than expected. Having had 5 consecutive days of home visits and reaching home late was no joke! Now, I want to work on something fresh to recharge my 'batteries'. :)

girls looking so engrossed here

the cousins

baby Z - his dimple is too cute!!

the Chin family visited us

We love to play Zingo!


Emanuela said...

you have sons so many cute!! I often attend yours blog and I would want makes you many compliments for all that you realizes!
bye bye Emanuela :o)

Sri said...

Every time I look at L, she reminds me of Lily so much!!

bp said...

Woo yoo! Congrats! So happy for you, whenever I see your achievements!

Love those smiles! =)

linda said...

Congrats Charlene! I love the stuff you made for your shop especially the pencil cases. I love the totes you made too and still carrying mine!:)