Friday, February 29, 2008

portfolio and some little bits

Today's the last day of Feb, 29th - the leap year. I wished I had been born on this day. Then I would be so much younger. :D

I am always amazed by the different styles of work produced by the featured artists at Trunkt. I came to know about the site last year and I was wondering how it works. Trunkt is not a shopping cart service nor a place to sell your individual products. It's place where you can show a portfolio of your products/arts to potential customers from all over the world.

I think it is a good way to promote your products. However, the site is juried. You need to go through an application process, get reviewed and be accepted into the site before you can showcase your portfolio. Also, they're actually looking for some good quality images on their site. As a newly opened shop owner, I went ahead and applied for an Artist Portfolio three weeks after I listed my items on Etsy and my application was accepted! So thrilled to be one of the featured Trunkt artists. Check out the site if you have not seen it.

Also, totally honored to be featured here by a fellow etsyian who hearted me. Loved all the stuff she picked, including some of my favorite sellers and items!

I love the mushrooms within a wooden mushroom case for a packaging idea.

I'm guilty of shopping again. I joined a spree and bought some of these. Eyelash fix, hair curling sponge, Shiseido blackhead peeloff mask, Care Pre-makeup Cream. These products are highly raved products by Taiwan Artistes and on show Queen Nu Ren Wo Zui Da.

I've finished some zipper clutches and passport covers since last week. I will start listing once photos are ready. Also, hoping Flickr will be up soon!

Later! :D

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a quick fix

The last thing you want to do is spend all weekend stressing out in the kitchen. I have some really simple meals that can be thrown together at the last minute, perfect for a simple & quick dinner! We like having home cooked steam pumpkin mushrooms rice for dinner and it is really fuss free and easy to prepare.

Here's my own recipe if you are interested to whip up a simple and healthy meal come this weekend.

The Ingredients:

1. Japanese Pumpkin (They are so much sweeter than the normal ones!)
2. Sausages (I recommend those traditional chinese sausages as they taste more fragrant)
3. Chicken
4. Mushrooms
5. Small onions
6. Soya Sauce
7. Oyster/Char Siew Sauce from Lee Kum Kee (I tried using the latter last week and it tasted just as good!)

Steamed Pumpkin Rice with Mushrooms and Chickens


1. Add small onions, the above ingredients (except for the chickens), oyster sauce. Pan fry until fragant for a good 1-2 minute. You don't have to fully cook these as you will need to transfer them to the steam cooker later.

2. Add washed uncooked rice (2 cups rice for a family of 4) to the wok and continue to pan fry for another minute.

3. Transfer everything from the wok to the steam cooker.

4. Add uncooked chickens (cut into pieces) to the steam cooker before the rice is fully cook and there you go. Easy?

Packing the goods.

Also, thanks Angie for the invite and featuring me here

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

happy things

Instead of doing simple design on linen (still love that simple classy look), I did some cute little stuff using my japanese fabric. I wanted to work on this idea for the longest time. It started from the time I did my journal covers. Instead of journal covers, I worked on my linen zipper cases. I really love the simple storyboard idea in terms of scrapbooking and crafting! All thanks to the reading sessions with big missy, I was greatly inspired by her collection of books - all those cute illustrations and storyboards especially from the vintage childrens' series, real gem!

I am going to sit back waiting for a super good mail day! :D

All these zipper cases are available here.

owl and tree
rest and relax

home journey
little girl wandering in the forest

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm loving what I'm seeing on the internet for clothings lately. Especially from UO!

I love this trench coat, it's a Japanese design

Cool design on the back!

I did a couple of layouts since last week and here's one of them.

Yup, I've been really really busy and trying to juggle with a lot of new changes going on right now. Also, trying very hard to blog about all the latest news and happenings. Thanks to all my blog readers for taking the time to read my entries. Say hello if you do visit again! :D

Here's a super big smile from big missy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

long weekend's over

Yes pal, I'm on the front page of Etsy treasury! :D

A pity that we didn't take a lot of pictures for this lunar new year. What can one do when the kids were not being cooperative in front of the camera. I had to keep telling them not to move in front of the camera especially when taking some decent family shots. More like I'm not in a photo-taking mood haa! My pre-chinese new year run in probably drained a little more energy out of me than expected. Having had 5 consecutive days of home visits and reaching home late was no joke! Now, I want to work on something fresh to recharge my 'batteries'. :)

girls looking so engrossed here

the cousins

baby Z - his dimple is too cute!!

the Chin family visited us

We love to play Zingo!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


What a great start for the new year! I have received some lovely news recently. First off, the owner of Mixed Plate informed me that she has chosen one of my linen pencil case for one of her Friday Favorites! So happy and excited! Pencil case featured over at Mixed Plate - very cool site. :) Happy Sunday!

the featured pencil case

simple on the outside, cheery inside

another pencil case

Monday, February 04, 2008


A quick post to show 2 new items in the shop. I am off to complete a few layouts for now after days of sewing! Wishing all a Happy Lunar New Year in advance and see you in the year of Rat!

Friday, February 01, 2008


This is another white linen patchwork tote for the shop. I just love white and grey linen. I like the contrast, the clean and neat look. I made one for R last year for our swap and I really loved it. I've always wanted to make this for the shop someday. Many told me white is pretty to look at but it gets dirty easily. Yes, that's so true but how not to love when the colors are looking so cheery and fresh here, just perfect colors for the coming Spring!

short words are so lovely

its hard to photograph the words but the ink has intense color on the linen in real life