Thursday, January 31, 2008

the shop

Hello! So good to be back on the lovely blogging land. After days of sewing sessions, I can now sit comfortably and blog about what I've done so far. Obviously not new to the lovely Etsy site, one of my favorite places for my daily reading since beginning of 2007. This place is addictive where you can be overwhelmed by a pool of talented artists, amazed by the beautiful, creative handmade items. Tons of inspirations and get prepared to burn a hole in your pocket from just shopping there. :)

A year later, I joined the other
Etsians and sell my handmade crafts. Most of my work are associated with simple patchwork on linen & hand stamping. I love stamps! Acyclic or rubber. I find that the stamps are just as beautiful stamped on linen like they are on papers. A good pick me up and shopping for linen, stamps, scrapbooking supplies always brings me great joy, esp hunting for cool looking stamps. It was really fun to hand stamp on linen! It's just like scrapbooking and I love creating some sort of simple storyboard for my layouts and crafty stuff. After trying out and experiencing with my stamps stash, I've finally achieved the look I wanted to get- going simple on linen works for me. :)

Some passport covers from last year and I am making more for the shop. These are available in the shop now. :)

cozy couch passport cover

vintage robot passport cover

and the cycle home story continues...
and a grey/white linen tote

I will be listing the rest of the stuff and blog about it in the next few days, stay tune!


bp said...

Ooh, that tote looks rather jappy! How clever to use the stamps for your personalized passport covers!

heidi said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your handmade projects. Very inspiring. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your etsy store!! Such lovely stuff you have there! :)

elaine t

Mabel Krieger said...

Congrats on the newly open shop! Beautiful stuff!