Wednesday, January 23, 2008

orange love + a winner!

It's the busiest time of the year again. Our family is gearing up for the coming lunar new year (and that includes spring cleaning for the house). But it really is the best time of the year as there will be lots of yummy food and new year goodies to look forward to!

Indeed, it's an Orange & Grey room! I was contemplating to go with either green/grey or orange/grey. Actually, I wouldn't mind going for a green/orange/grey combination but that might be too overwhelming. I mean having three colors in a small bedroom? Well, let's just say my family members are far more conservative in their decor/color tastes & green is not in their favorite list. In general, the elderly Chinese (maybe it's just Singaporeans) are rather conservative with having bold wall colors in the house and most do try to avoid bright, bold green due to auspicious reasons. Something to do with luck & health I think. Anyhow, I couldn't find the green tone that I wanted so I went with my next favorite - orange/grey and that's the coolest color combination I've seen. Lovin' the warm and cool effect.

We have got a winner! My apologies for the long wait. I've got big
Missy to draw a name (everyone's in!) and she picked...........

Congrats KB!! Please email me your mailing address. You can locate my email under the profile page.
Thanks to all who left a comment, appreciate it! :D We probably have another guessing game soon again!

previously was in scarlet red

and now, the grey panel - placing my artwork, layouts on a chest of drawers. The drawers are now organized with my scrapbooking supplies.

the orange panel for the kids' area.
scrap of fabric hanging on wall like artwork
the quilt I made sometime ago is now a home decorative item

a happy big Missy who has been saying 'that's my orange room!' Everything has to be done in her orange room :)

I'm managed to squeeze some time to make something for my shop. I am waiting for some orders to arrive for my wip projects. Shop coming very soon.



Kloth & Bolt said...

Thank you thank you! I am so very excited to have won! -kb

Anonymous said...

I love your orange wall!! Very bright and the frames look outstanding on the wall! :)
elaine t

lara said...

Hah! Orange!:) Very nice.

linda said...

Wow very nice cosy room! I love it!
Congrats to KB!

Agnes Tan said...

It's about time you set up shop, woman. :)

Kim said...

love the orange & the use of the quilt!

Sri said...

Love the colors!!

bp said...

Well done! What a nice happy orange, and all your handmade touches throughout the room just make it all the more special! Look how happy Big Missy is!