Thursday, January 31, 2008

the shop

Hello! So good to be back on the lovely blogging land. After days of sewing sessions, I can now sit comfortably and blog about what I've done so far. Obviously not new to the lovely Etsy site, one of my favorite places for my daily reading since beginning of 2007. This place is addictive where you can be overwhelmed by a pool of talented artists, amazed by the beautiful, creative handmade items. Tons of inspirations and get prepared to burn a hole in your pocket from just shopping there. :)

A year later, I joined the other
Etsians and sell my handmade crafts. Most of my work are associated with simple patchwork on linen & hand stamping. I love stamps! Acyclic or rubber. I find that the stamps are just as beautiful stamped on linen like they are on papers. A good pick me up and shopping for linen, stamps, scrapbooking supplies always brings me great joy, esp hunting for cool looking stamps. It was really fun to hand stamp on linen! It's just like scrapbooking and I love creating some sort of simple storyboard for my layouts and crafty stuff. After trying out and experiencing with my stamps stash, I've finally achieved the look I wanted to get- going simple on linen works for me. :)

Some passport covers from last year and I am making more for the shop. These are available in the shop now. :)

cozy couch passport cover

vintage robot passport cover

and the cycle home story continues...
and a grey/white linen tote

I will be listing the rest of the stuff and blog about it in the next few days, stay tune!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

orange love + a winner!

It's the busiest time of the year again. Our family is gearing up for the coming lunar new year (and that includes spring cleaning for the house). But it really is the best time of the year as there will be lots of yummy food and new year goodies to look forward to!

Indeed, it's an Orange & Grey room! I was contemplating to go with either green/grey or orange/grey. Actually, I wouldn't mind going for a green/orange/grey combination but that might be too overwhelming. I mean having three colors in a small bedroom? Well, let's just say my family members are far more conservative in their decor/color tastes & green is not in their favorite list. In general, the elderly Chinese (maybe it's just Singaporeans) are rather conservative with having bold wall colors in the house and most do try to avoid bright, bold green due to auspicious reasons. Something to do with luck & health I think. Anyhow, I couldn't find the green tone that I wanted so I went with my next favorite - orange/grey and that's the coolest color combination I've seen. Lovin' the warm and cool effect.

We have got a winner! My apologies for the long wait. I've got big
Missy to draw a name (everyone's in!) and she picked...........

Congrats KB!! Please email me your mailing address. You can locate my email under the profile page.
Thanks to all who left a comment, appreciate it! :D We probably have another guessing game soon again!

previously was in scarlet red

and now, the grey panel - placing my artwork, layouts on a chest of drawers. The drawers are now organized with my scrapbooking supplies.

the orange panel for the kids' area.
scrap of fabric hanging on wall like artwork
the quilt I made sometime ago is now a home decorative item

a happy big Missy who has been saying 'that's my orange room!' Everything has to be done in her orange room :)

I'm managed to squeeze some time to make something for my shop. I am waiting for some orders to arrive for my wip projects. Shop coming very soon.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

retail therapy

One of those days where you manage to enjoy a little retail therapy. Not papers, fabrics but shoes and simple dresses that I adored. I'm pretty much ready for the coming chinese lunar new year! I'm a happy woman now :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

a little giveaway..

We spent our weekend re-painting the kids' room. I was thinking to paint the room in such a way that one corner is for the kids and the other corner would be my workspace since I do not have an extra room for myself. I was thinking along the grey + either 1. green, 2. orange or 3. turquoise color combination.

Since it is the beginning of the new year. I would like to do a little giveaway - If you like the orange linen clutch (yes, I made 2 of the same design) from my last post, come join in the fun and guess which wall color combination I went for? You'll have until Fri, Jan 18th at midnight (PST) to leave a comment. This is my very first giveaway on my blog and I hope you will enjoy this little handmade gift from me. Come say hello folks! :D

After painting, I managed to rearrange and reorganizing my work desk, scrapbook and fabric stash. Sigh, I sure have a lot of stuff. (I probably give out some RAKs soon). I can't believe the room is looking so neat and organized now and I am so enjoying it. I can sit in the room the whole day (I wish!). The smell of the new wall paint plus the burning lavender aromatherapy oils filled the room. Of cos, the most fun part would be decorating the room. I picked a few of my favorite layouts and got them framed. They're going up on the wall soon plus a couple of DIY wall art frames like these...

Card with green leaves/trees given by my dear friend
How not to frame this cute little card?

Isn't it a good idea to frame one of your favorite fabric? :)

Abstract tree piece with alpha stickers 'tree' on it.
I am loving all these white frames against the contrasting wall colors.

Till later...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

love for linen

It's the first day of the week again. Big Missy is adapting well in school except that she kept forgetting to bring her jacket home. She either left it on the school bus or in the class. And she has been taking really long nap ever since she started school - from 130pm - 5pm or even later! Our little Missy is learning to talk. Words from her include, mummy, daddy, ah-yi (auntie), jie-jie (big sister), gor gor (big brother), baby, ball, arllo (hello), dog, ah-no (Elno, our dog). I love it when she calls mummy. She goes, 'maaa-miiiiiiiiiiii' Awwww sweet!

I did not stop sewing. Here, my love for linen continues. I've been getting requests to do custom made bags, pouches & other commissioned projects lately. After much consideration, I think I probably sell some of these plus other projects which I am planning to do very soon for my little shop. So, stay tune and do check back. :)

commissioned linen clutch

orange stripes lining inside
commissioned patchwork

Thursday, January 03, 2008

school is fun

Big Missy is all ready for school! She is in the Nursery class this year. We have to change our lifestyle for the new year. That is, no more late nights, no more waking up late in the morning. I must say she is doing really well. I had no problem waking her up at 630a.m and getting her prepared for school for the past 3 days except that this poor girl was down with fever and cough since the 2nd day of school. I accompanied her on the first day of school and I could see that she is enjoying herself in the class with her new friends. She followed the teachers' instructions well and was very attentive in the class esp during story telling time. She even fed herself with a bowl of porridge all by herself! That's quite different when she is at home! So proud of my baby. :)

just reached the school

Iooking like a little jappy school kid
waiting for brunch to be served
she likes the place
these especially

love her in her new school uniform
with this precious expression
class's over and running about


Happy New Year All! Time flies, today's already the 3rd day of 2008. I thought we should all have high hopes and set new goals for the new year. Have you set yours? All things are possible, everything is fresh, new and full of possibilities. I certainly hope everyone has been having fun so far and have a colorful 2008 ahead!

big missy likes holding little missy like this while watching their favorite tv program.

playing peek a boo with her little sister
shooting the everyday at home (supply from OPAAT Dec kit)