Tuesday, December 23, 2008

our mini christmas party

Yay, two more days to Christmas! I received some custom orders from R, H and B for their Christmas event and pals. I started working on them right after a party that we hosted last Saturday together with our cousins and friends. I stayed up till 4am to complete the orders and I was completely zonked out at 930pm the next day! Saturday's party was fun fun fun, potluck session with yummilious home cooked and store bought food - mum's bee hoon and fried rice, choco fondue, aunt's agar agar, mini muffin madness, canape from Coffeebean, logcake and honey baked ham from Bakerzin, sushi platter and many more! Of course, the kids enjoyed hitting the pinata!

Hope you all have the most enjoyable X'mas celebration with your loved ones.
Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all!

our 6 feet tall christmas tree!

a treasure chest to store X'mas goodies for the kids!

sushi platter
healthy salad

the muffins
chocolat grand logcake from Bakerzin - it was really good!
the pinata most loved by the kids!
big missy and sher
tanya, big missy and sher

girls in their pyjamas but the mums are still mahjong-ing lol
lovely Ashley and Desiree

Monday, December 01, 2008

first of decemeber

It's only 24 days to Christmas and counting down!

Many of my to-do list:
  1. Stock up more goods at casualpoet and my etsy shop
  2. Taking pictures of my completed totes, art projects and scrapbooking layouts!
  3. Finalizing the details with The Anadaman
  4. Sending parcel/gifts to my overseas friends
  5. Finalize the details for pre-x'mas gathering on the 20th Dec
  6. Sew cute little bags for the little guests
  7. Handmade cards for friends
  8. Last minute Christmas shopping
  9. To complete the curtain for the girls' room
  10. Preparing for a mini scrapbooking class this Saturday
girl by the window

burp cloths for a girlfriend's newborn

a different ink color for the pins and there are green,
orange and blue too
joy piece

Sunday, November 16, 2008

cute as buttons

I spotted these cute BUTTONS recently and I just have to get them! Super cute wooden buttons with adorable images printed on them. Gonna make them look even prettier on totes and pencil cases!

I am so looking forward to X'mas and winter by looking
at them. :)

and there are iron, sewing machine, needle and thread...
Our little missy has just turned TWO last week! We bought a 'laugh a lot' care bear cake for her. We love this super friendly and bubbly little girl of ours! She is definitely getting cheekier and cheekier each day :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a rainy evening

Has it been a month already?! I've been really busy at work especially with the upcoming regional meeting. Two of my cousins are getting married this month! We attended one last Saturday, will be attending another one this week and our friend's wedding on the 1st Nov! With Little Missy who is becoming quite a handful nowadays, I really need a good massage as my whole body ached since last week. She refused to be carried when we are out of the house and she can scream like she's in a horror movie! I have almost forgotten about the terrible twos phrase if you ask me. So I have been busy hunting for dresses and shoes for my two lovelies. More shopping done at ON, Gymboree, TCP. None for myself for now but I have to get a piece of nice evening dress by this week.

Looking at
this, this, this, this or maybe going back to this, this and this if I could afford to stay in one of their lovely estates!

Thanks to those who emailed and inquired about my work. I neglected my little shop for quite a while but there will be some new stuffs very soon. My new craft supply should be in the mail anytime from now!

All the cousins had a great time catching up at my cousin's wedding last weekend. The kids too, had fun playing with their little cousins!

my lovely nephew and niece

It's drizzling outside but I am off to the hair salon for a nice hair makeover!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

mid month

Gearing up to sew more stuff for the shop and for causal poet. I can't wait to see the wonderful stuff R brings back from Taiwan for CP! I am hoping that the regional meeting will be held in Taipei this year so that I can go on a shopping spree again. I really enjoyed the food and shopping there especially for their wide range of the beauty skincare products. My mother-in-law is heading to Hokkaido this December with my sister-in-law's family again and they are spending 12 days there! Our family can't join them this time round due to hubby's busy work schedule and my new job commitment, so sad! But I am in the midst of preparing a long shopping list for them!

Back on my sewing machine, I am working on a new batch of passport covers, cellphone pouches, more of the appliqued pencil cases, bigger pouches, totes plus some other cute stuff. I will update after I photographed them.

Plus some pictures taken at the Singapore Zoo, a couple of weeks back..

little missy is turning 2 coming November!

Mid Autumn Festive 中秋节

Today is the mid-autumn festival and here, wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn festival, 中秋节快乐!

I'm not exactly a huge fan of mooncake but I do like the snow-skin mooncakes with champagne truffles from Raffles hote
l. They are one of the most sinful and best tasting mooncakes ever. The traditional mooncake is filled with lotus seed paste and they are pretty distinctive in appearance. The salty yolk in the middle, which I think represents the full moon is what I absolutely love!

Like last year, we brought the kids downstairs and joined the neighbourhood for the Mid-Autumn festival celebration with candles, lanterns light up. It seem like more people are buying lanterns for their kids nowadays. I saw lots and all kinds of electrical lanterns and they are really popular. But please do not give me 'modern' battery operated lanterns. Cute designs they have but they kind of drive me up the wall with the never ending, loud music playing when they are turned on, lol. I still prefer the traditional paper lanterns, they are one of the best parts of my childhood that I remember. Really brought back fond memories of the Mid Autumn festival and the wonderful time I had when I was a kid. I'm going to explain to Big Missy why the Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival - the legends of Chang E. I think it would be interesting and most educational for her but be prepared for tons of whys from her too!

Here are some pictures taken earlier, not fantastic but love seeing how she enjoyed herself.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sending out postcards is one of my favorite things to do when I am on vacation. It's an inexpensive way to let people know I was thinking about them on my travels! The sending and receiving process is always fun, heartfelt, personal and genuine. I also enjoy collecting postcards featuring inspirational images & poetry and especially love this passport range by Making Memories which I've gotten them at JLMSB.