Tuesday, January 08, 2008

love for linen

It's the first day of the week again. Big Missy is adapting well in school except that she kept forgetting to bring her jacket home. She either left it on the school bus or in the class. And she has been taking really long nap ever since she started school - from 130pm - 5pm or even later! Our little Missy is learning to talk. Words from her include, mummy, daddy, ah-yi (auntie), jie-jie (big sister), gor gor (big brother), baby, ball, arllo (hello), dog, ah-no (Elno, our dog). I love it when she calls mummy. She goes, 'maaa-miiiiiiiiiiii' Awwww sweet!

I did not stop sewing. Here, my love for linen continues. I've been getting requests to do custom made bags, pouches & other commissioned projects lately. After much consideration, I think I probably sell some of these plus other projects which I am planning to do very soon for my little shop. So, stay tune and do check back. :)

commissioned linen clutch

orange stripes lining inside
commissioned patchwork


linda said...

Very beautiful patchwork with linen as usual! I am waiting anxiously for your new shop!

Mama Bliss said...

oooh... i'd love to see more of your beautiful handiwork... will definitely stay tuned ;)

Marisa said...

This clutch is a-dorable! I really like your work with linen. I have a bit of it...need to put it to better use I think. Glad your little one is adjusting. We're starting the potty training. It's so cute to be a by-stander to all their amazing acomplishments.

melissa deakin said...

adjusting to school is hard....much harder than i anticipated.
your work is so lovely.
congrats on the commissioned assignments!
lovin' the linen.

ceejclarke said...

I am going to guess you went with turquoise with the grey for the room.....hope I win the clutch!