Thursday, December 06, 2007

handmade gifts

I started on my handmade christmas projects last week for our friends and baby sitter's family. I probably love my sewing machine so much that I couldn't stop sewing. :) I've sewn a lot of small bags - mostly zipper & drawstring pouches. I have a couple more to finish before I post them here once and for all.

Hand embroidered little bird and tree.
Design taken from a Japanese craft book. Yum so love the greeny tree
Lined with green polka dots

Joel Dewberry

For our baby sitter - she loves drawstring pouches. She's the most capable homemaker I've ever known. Modern, pretty and young looking 40-ish lady. Friends who met her will agree with me. We are so lucky to have her.


Mabel Krieger said...

I like them all, very nice!

Scrappermania said...


bp said...

Very lovely, and so many different ideas! Nothing beats handmade gifts from the heart!

Think I've said this before, but Charlene, you ARE a true natural at this!

rashida said...

So sweet. I love them all, especially the polka dots! ^_^