Sunday, November 11, 2007

back for more

PC is up and running and it feels good to be back blogging. Here are some of the pictures from the party. The kids loved the goodie bags, the mini stamps set especially. For Xin and those who are interested, I got the mini stamps set from JL.

The birthday cake -
Love the little animal figurines on the cake. Cake from here and customized it to the shape of #1, vanilla + mango flavor. For big missy's 1st birthday, we got her cake from Li-Sher. She is a home baker and her cakes are of premium ingredients and painstakingly hand-sculpts edible decorations! A must try if you like thick, rich chocolate!

We didn't get to take many pictures of little missy as she was napping most of the time :D

At this stage whereby stuff she got hold of goes right into her mouth, with saliva and all the drooling haha

J and her family arrived a lot earlier before the rest. And so the two mummies had a great time taking pictures of their elder ones.

Children in the playroom
eta: I'm thinking to redo and repaint the kids' room. Inspiration kicks in & just have to do it soon. Some warm colors this time round to make the room a little more cosy.
Big missy in her dreamy mood + new hairstyle. We might be cutting her hair even shorter before she goes Nursery next year!

The present #1 - rocking giraffe
The present #2 - wooden toy train
Big missy is trucking those little animal figurines from the cake.

The present #3
One of my favorite label from Hong Kong - KINGKOW! A little
swimsuit for little missy (showing the little tummy) from Jas. Love this so much!

Dainty looking baby A

Chubby + bubbly baby J!


melissa deakin said...

so sweet, charlene.
love these photos.
they grow up so quickly!

Dallas said...

Glad to see you're back online. The party looks like it was a success. The cake is cute as can be...and is that pink wall in the girls' room? I love that color.

evelyn said...

I was so overwhelmed by the number of princesses on that day! Haha they are too sweet for words for sure!

Charlene said...

Hi Dallas! Yes, party was great! I'm not sure if the wall color falls under the pink family. The name of the color is scarlet red.:D

bp said...

Little Missy looking happy, especially in that nice picture with J! Dunno why, I can't see the rest of the images... have to try again later/check if anything's been disabled!

What a party! Everyone must have had a great time!

Mabel Krieger said...

I can't view all the pictures? I will be back later to check them out again.