Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm ONE!

Today, little missy is ONE! Happy birthday to our little missy L! Party was good, lots of good friends, great company. Kids and babies, can you believe 90% of them are princesses?! :D I have a lot to share and photos from the party but since I'm fighting a battle with my computer right now there will be no long updates or photo sharing. I have to quickly post this up before it self reboot again. Yes, pc is mad and self reboot every 1-2 min or so! It's driving me crazy and reformatting the PC isn't a fun thing to do. I'm crossing my fingers to get everything up by tomorrow (public holiday yay) and post more updates.

And oh, thank you so much for the goodie bags love! :D

Till later..


bp said...

Happy birthday to Little Missy for crossing that magic 1-year mark! More milestones coming her way... and great job, mommy Charlene =) *pat you on your back* I'm sure the party must have rocked!!!

Lara said...

Was hoping to see some pix!!! :)

NomadicMom said...

First time here...jumped over from BP's blog.

Have to say that you are very creative! Nice scrapbooking and needlework!!!

Have to come over often for some ideas!!My scrapbooking stuff is very very plain and boring.