Monday, November 19, 2007

Fall Swap

I joined the fall swap in October – my first public swap. The one I did earlier with Rashida was a private swap and all went great too! I think I'm addicted to swap - receiving and putting up goodies is such fun! Anyway, the fall swap was about sending at least 3 items to your assigned partner and one of it must be handmade. I’m posting a sneakie for Dallas's package. I had lots of fun choosing these and loved the little trees and leaves. I chose one of my favorite color combi – brown and green!

I received my fall swap package just yesterday. In this swap, D sent me the following:
*A handmade tote.
*A handmade Dora bag for big missy!
* Bag of snacks.
* Scrapbooking pads –one of it with the Amy Butler design and the other with traditional fall colors.
*Aromatic drink coaster and some mulling spices – I really love this!

So nice to have Dallas as my swap partner, so thoughful of her to make a Dora tote for big missy!

Sneak peek of the fall swap stuff from me -> D
I love this cute looking owl :D

Blue tote from D
Dora tote from D
In the park - big missy loves the bag!
In the park - little missy


Dallas said...

Thanks for the sneak peak - I can't tell what it is, but I'm looking forward to finding out. :) I'm sorry I didn't include something for little missy - I wasn't sure what to include for a 1 year old. I'm glad you liked your items though.

evelyn said...

I love that owl, too cute!

Kristy said...

The swap looks really good! I like what I'm seeing so far.

bp said...

So cute, that owl and Dora bag! Your gals are looking great =)

Felicitas Ng Jing Wen said...

hi...chanced upon ur blog...can i knw where u get the dora 3 yr old gal loves dora alot...btw, i m FTWM to 3 gals....

Charlene said...

Hi felicitas, the tote was handmade by my friend as a gift for my daughter. You can actually buy the Dora fabric and sew one for yours too! :)

Felicitas Ng Jing Wen said...

thanks charlene, where can i get the fabric? email is have seen your crafts...they are fantastic....BTW, my name is Angeline...Felicitas is my gal... ;)