Sunday, October 14, 2007

delightful package

Just when you're looking after 2 sick children (with big missy having persistent cough and little missy with bronchitis), feeling sick and tired of running to the paed's clinic but yay something delightful arrived at your doorstep which you've been waiting for - our swap package! These lovelies have me grinning ear to ear hehe. I love what you've put together R and I hope you enjoy yours too! Yes, we should do it again. :D

big missy insists that the suitcase belongs to her!
She wants to carry it to school and well she really did pack all her favorite books and toys in this mini and carry it wherever she goes.

goodies inside - I love the drawstring pouch, green bias tape, cards, pin cushion, buttons awww just everything!

big missy is a huge fan of Dora and these are her current favorites!
more to add to my fabric stash - freshcut fabric!

magazines and books love, wooohooo another of my favorite title - DS Quilts!!

fun dip pack - I love sour candies!


rashida said...

oh my gosh! You finally received it! Yay! I'm so happy that you like everything. I was so worried. I hope the girls are feeling better.
*e-mailing you*

ellen said...

MAN, look at these goodies! You ladies are great swappers!

melissa deakin said...

how fun is this, charlene!
what a wonderful package.
love the photos!

linda said...

These are really cool!