Tuesday, October 02, 2007

bubblegum yummy

COLORS! Before I join the MFM team, I wasn't into doing colors for all my pages. What I meant was really bright colors! I do love colors and added splashes of them onto my pages. But when it comes to super bright colors like the October kit, I am sure I wasnt confident or ready to take up back then. I love to drool at those fun colorful pages done by the other scrapbookers. I am glad that I broke through the barrier andI am totally digging into scrapping with colors right now - layering, mixing with bright, bold, fun colors with all sort of papers + embellishments!

First layout done for MFM gallery 1. First challenge - to use the Hambly overlays - the new MOD circles and mini chandeliers. Tell me what's not to love about Hambly? Love the bright colors & fun elements in this october kit Bazooka Bubblegum (such cool name!)

the kit

love this shot!
close up

The sorbet secret keeper cards are TDF, love them to bitsss!!

experiencing collage for lss entry


mabel Krieger said...

These are very nice! I love the colors!

pink-petal-designs said...

I LOVE your blog, i just found it and you have some really lovely things on here, of to read some more now,
Sarah xx

sugarshop (Dena) said...

Wow Girlie, you are such an artist. You turn a pile of pretty colored stuff into such eye candy!

Abby said...

I love your style!! I read that you are doing some order for bags? I really like the white linen tote which you did sometime back, do you sell them? I'm from the States btw.

Charlene said...

Hi Abby! Thank you for your interest! Yes, I do take order from time to time when people asked for it. Would you like to email me instead?

rashida said...

Charlene, your layouts just blow me away every time! They're so beautiful!

katie said...

OMG your layouts are really awesome! Glad to have found you at sistv!