Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what's for saturday?

We will be holding a party for little missy’s 1st birthday this Sat. As much as I love to attend birthday parties, it is tedious to prepare for one. I think this is the only tradition we have - preparing goodie bags for the little kiddos who come to the party or if not, for the kids in school. Let’s see what I have done so far?

Note to Self:
Sourcing for buffet caterer – you better hurry!
Order birthday cake – you better hurry!
Party goodie bags – Checked!
Treats for the bags – Checked!
Finalizing the guest list – Checked!

Talk about last minute preparation huh?

Anyway, I've been wanting to make some personalize stuff for the party and so I decided to handmade the goodie bags. It’s sewing madness at rocket speed (they took me 5 hours!) over the weekend again. I am done with 15 drawstring pouches in linen with a square patch (using the cute japanese fabric) on the front. These bags are for the little guests coming on Saturday. I love making these goodie bags and bundle them with little treats. I know I can easily get the ready made party bags in the stores but nothing beats the personalized ones I guess. I hope the kiddos like what I've put up for them.

What’s inside the bag -
Japanese rice cracker, baby ball cookies, box of cereal, sunmaid raisins, mini stamp set, yogurt jellies

all 15 of them

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

canvases | frames

I just knew I couldn't resist these sorbet secret keeper cards by Urban Lily. There are 5 double sided cards that slide open to reveal a hidden section inside. I used them as canvases like these. They are also up at MFM gallery.

My OPAAT package arrived today - not 1 but 2 and nope plus an altered project. More scrappy stuff to be done!

~I love digging my old scrapbook stash and if you can still remember the older range AC mini trademark rubons, was crazy over them then~

I love my little sister

the sisters

For R and her little bella, beach fun!

All 3 of them

Thursday, October 18, 2007

big missy little missy

I have not been posting much of the girls pictures and my dearest friends are 'complaining' :p for they want to see how much the girls have grown. Well, it's just so hard to take pictures of them now. Especially with big missy who is always running about in the house. She is never quiet for even 5 seconds. Ok, with the exception when she's watching her favorite Disney movies. Little missy (and she is still looking like a boy :D) is really a fun-loving baby - always smiling, clapping her little hands and waving bye-bye haa! She loves music and it's hilarious to see her dancing to the beat. She will be turning 1 in about 3 weeks time, just how time flies!! Here you go girlies, loads of them taken recently. The not so perfect shots but ahhh they are so perfect in my eyes! :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's mid month again

The mid month gallery reveal is just so great! Here are my layouts done for the Oct gallery. Check out the other designers work, some genius ideas they did!

scrap about candy -
who else but big missy, definitely as sweet as a candy in our eyes! I want to achieve a really colorful page and went crazy about picking the patterned papers. Still can't believe I actually scrapped a super pink page. I stitched the foam flowers & arrows, kindof love the outcome.

scrap about girlfriends

I'm into teal, blue and yellow at the moment. So, did I say property of love? hehe. My current favorite layout - my wedding shoes with lots of diamantes.

Till l post again. Later.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

delightful package

Just when you're looking after 2 sick children (with big missy having persistent cough and little missy with bronchitis), feeling sick and tired of running to the paed's clinic but yay something delightful arrived at your doorstep which you've been waiting for - our swap package! These lovelies have me grinning ear to ear hehe. I love what you've put together R and I hope you enjoy yours too! Yes, we should do it again. :D

big missy insists that the suitcase belongs to her!
She wants to carry it to school and well she really did pack all her favorite books and toys in this mini and carry it wherever she goes.

goodies inside - I love the drawstring pouch, green bias tape, cards, pin cushion, buttons awww just everything!

big missy is a huge fan of Dora and these are her current favorites!
more to add to my fabric stash - freshcut fabric!

magazines and books love, wooohooo another of my favorite title - DS Quilts!!

fun dip pack - I love sour candies!

Friday, October 05, 2007

patchwork totes

A customized tote for K, she requested for a pink + brown color combination. The white linen tote has an inner pocket and a 4” gusset.

Another customized black & white patchwork tote for P. I made one for myself too, love the size!

All packed and ready to go today! :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

bubblegum yummy

COLORS! Before I join the MFM team, I wasn't into doing colors for all my pages. What I meant was really bright colors! I do love colors and added splashes of them onto my pages. But when it comes to super bright colors like the October kit, I am sure I wasnt confident or ready to take up back then. I love to drool at those fun colorful pages done by the other scrapbookers. I am glad that I broke through the barrier andI am totally digging into scrapping with colors right now - layering, mixing with bright, bold, fun colors with all sort of papers + embellishments!

First layout done for MFM gallery 1. First challenge - to use the Hambly overlays - the new MOD circles and mini chandeliers. Tell me what's not to love about Hambly? Love the bright colors & fun elements in this october kit Bazooka Bubblegum (such cool name!)

the kit

love this shot!
close up

The sorbet secret keeper cards are TDF, love them to bitsss!!

experiencing collage for lss entry

Monday, October 01, 2007

it's all about eye candy

Just last week, I have received the nicest gifts from the most generous friends! First off, a new book! I really love this book - last minute patchwork + quilted gifts. There are a lot of potential projects to try out and they are right up my alley! What a nice surprise received direct from Purl. Thanks Rashida!! Check this book out if you haven’t got one, lots of eye candy in it. *wink*

More fabric goodness from E, thank you so much!! Together with the card you made, just so sweet and beautiful! And you know I love that mushroom print heehee. Of cos, I couldn't resist and made her a little something. :D

My super sinful breakfast this morning – donuts from the Donut FACTORY!! Yummy!