Monday, September 03, 2007

the monday post

((THANK YOU)) all for the lovely comments made on my earlier post. :D

Below is a list of projects and layouts to share for the Monday's posting. Along with the stack of fabric which I bought on my earlier trip from Ikea, I also grabbed some shadow box frames for my layouts . These sizes are just perfect to store my 9x9 pages! ‘Orange is Nice’ is one of my favorite layout of big missy. For this page, I documented how big missy loved orange when she was 14 mo. Right now, she doesn’t really take oranges but she sure loves some exotic tropical fruits like I do! Mango, mangosteen, lychees, longans, rambutans, etc.. Nope, our family doesn't like durian except for my mil. I can take a wee bit occasionally but it's way NO NO for my hubby. He said durians stink hahaha!

One of the pages published in the Aug/Sept issue of Somerset Memories magazine.

After doing some fabric covers for our passports, I did some patchwork sleeves for my sketchbooks. I have not photograph the rest yet, so here’s a sneakie. I tried something which I wanted to do for my fabric projects - rubber stamping! I have to say the effect is really very very cool and the ink stayed very nicely on the fabric!

And a linen pillow case - inspired by the Simple Quilt book. Lovin' the fall colors.

‘This Is Our Story’ is a stamped image.

Layouts for OPAAT – Basic Grey & AC papers. Love scrapping other people kids for a change hehe. Tell me how not to scrap with these gorgeous pictures!

Sri’s elder daughter - Yasmine

For a girlfriend who is going to due VERY soon. Her third baby! ~~woohoo~

listen.... womb mate in me

Sri’s second daughter – Juliana..her smile is super contagious!

And yeah, that's about all. Till I update again. :D


Tinkerbell said...

Lovely lovely LOs! Simply awesome. I love them all, Char ! Btw, my hubby can't stand durians too!

ellen said...

You know I love it when you post. Such inspiring layouts and sewing crafts!


evelyn said...

Love them all girl! Especially the orange framework.

jazsutra said...

hi there charlyn,
im to know yr blog tru laines s im currently in their ct.i muz say all yr works are so imspiring and lovely..i love dropping by yr blog!tx for sharing...

jazsutra said...

o ya,wanna tell u my huby kenot tahan durians2 ;)

bp said...

All so very nice! I miss durian... the Asian supermarket here has the real thing or the frozen kind, but it's ridiculous to pay so much for such a smelly fruit! Hehe!

Michelle Guray said...

i'm so jealous of your sewing skills, charlene! i still have yet to learn how to use my machine but in the meantime i'm collecting books and fabric. i love the mix of fabrics on the pillow! it's just so cute!

mauri said...


I simply adore your work!!

These photos are amazing and you make them stand out even more!

Fantastic job!

*Dream Weaver* said...

I love your layouts :)