Wednesday, September 26, 2007

just layouts

Gallery 2 is now up at MFM. Layouts done using the Sep kit - Scenic Route, 7G, Love Elsie and Basic Grey Mellow products. Really yummy products! I still have a lot of the labels in teal which I absolutely love.

So I don't have a proper scraproom, I work at my dining table all the time - scrapbooking + sewing crafts (where my sewing machine is too) I hate it that I sb and craft messy! Someone pls tell me how to be more organized, or are you like me too? :p

Love cuppies, esp minis (great for the kids!) Who can resist BM's (the owner of a local parenting mb) cuppies. Pic shown is one of her beautiful creation.

My Fun With Fabric layering tutorial using these fabric. Opps, that's little missy's hand. Teehee

I have received my copy of Somerest Memories mag with my article in print about 2 weeks ago. I must say I'm very pleased with it, so much better irl. There are so much eye candy work from other talented artists too.

Yesterday was mid autumn festive. As usual, we joined our neighbourhood (a yearly celebration organised by our RC members) for some lanterns lighting up and mooncakes deli. It was fun! I'm enjoying the icecream mooncakes from Swensens! Left some choco fudge for the hub who is touching down anytime soon from his biz trip, yay! I will share some pics when I'm up to. Right, I'm exhausted after spending the week with the girls all by myself + finishing up my DT assignments, sewing crafts. And our big missy is down with a really BAD cough, even worse at night! :(

Up next, sewing craft projects, revealing some nice packages received from last week and a little update on a publication news. Till later...


linda said...

I really like the small space and the cuppie pages!

Jenny said...

I don't have a proper scraproom either. I think every scrapbooker would love to have one.

bp said...

Rest well, and hope big missy sleeps better through the nite!

I can't seem to view your latest works... but will be back later to check again. I'm sure they are beautiful!

melissa deakin said...

hi charlene,
you are so talented!
love all these shares.
i hope you are well!

SugarShop (Dena) said...

I love the home made page. Beautiful as always!

Mabel Krieger said...

So much eye candy to look at and I am digging all these pages!