Monday, August 06, 2007

singular sensation

Although I have yet to receive the magazine, I still get to view the published article. Jami, one of my fellow DT mate at MFM helped to scan those pages for me. Thanks again J. I particularly missed 'Orange Is Nice', 'Beautiful In Your Way' and 'Looking In The Eyes Of Love' because I parted with them for coming to a year. Now, all 7 layouts are back sitting in my little cosy album.

I'll now leave you with this 4 pager article titled 'Singular Sensation'. The idea is to use a single color background to create a dramatic backdrop for your scrapbook pages. I did a write up of the material lists and simple instructions on going about doing my layouts. What you're seeing here are mostly my earlier artwork. Happy reading. :)


linda said...

I love your layouts! Beautiful in your way is just sooo beautiful!

sugarshop (Dena) said...

Wow!!! Those pages are AMAZING! I started scrapbooking when I met my dh and stopped when we had our son 5 yrs ago. We bought a dig cam when he was born and so not only do I not have any albums with baby pix but I have no physical pix as they are still all stored on a hard drive! You have inspired me though. Think I'll send off to get pix printed and start getting albums together. Are the background papers something you designed or can you buy them? Sorry for the long comment. Your pages are just beautifully inspiring! :)

mabel krieger said...

You truly inspire me! Love all your artwork! Huge congrats once again!

melissa deakin said...

wow, charlene.
this looks amazing.
i must get my hands
on a copy.
congrats to you...this
is wonderful!

bp said...

Awesome! Every time I visit your blog, there's always something fabulous you've just worked on, if not wonderful achievements like this one! And of course I just keeping coming back for more! Congrats again!!!

rashida said...

You're such a talent, Charlene. I need to get my hands on a copy as well! You do such beautiful work!