Wednesday, July 18, 2007

some reading fun

I was just looking at S's blog, the first thing that came to my mind was wow her 1.5 week old baby has got more hair than my coming 9 mo lol! I know hair will grow but it's taking a bit too long eh and I remembered C's hair didn't take that long to grow. I guess it's all in the genes as mum told me I was "botak" for the longest time when I was a baby!

Anyway, pictures of the girls. Some reading fun before bedtime.

Big Missy with little Missy

I love to read too


Lina said...

C is getting prettier and L is just adorable! :)

irene said...

little missy is so adorable. and big missy is getting more and more pretty

bp said...

Very nice pictures... the girls are so sweet together, and beautiful girls you have. No worries, the hair will grow faster than you know it =)