Monday, July 23, 2007

a perfect fit (almost!) + some cool stuffs

It fits! I think I will sew more of this for the girls since my sister in law just passed me some fabrics she bought from Tokyo!
My friend, Christine tagged me as a Rockin Girl blogger. How cool, thanks girlfriend! Do check her out - she rocks! I am passing this to my two friends, R and BP. Love reading their blogs :)

And, one more before I pen down. Head over to Purple Onion Designs for some great rubber stamps!!! Michele (super nice lady!) is having her 4th anniversary sale and it's 25% off all stamps! I will be doing more layouts for her gallery soon!


Sugarshop said...

Super Cute!!

Mabel Krieger said...

Awww she is so sweet in her little dress!

rashida said...

*blushes* oh my goodness! Thank you! You're so sweet!

bp said...

*me blushing, too!* thanks, appreciate it!

Wow, you can sew so well! Sew beautiful, it's a perfect fit alright =)