Sunday, July 29, 2007

a great crafting sat night

You are one happy woman when your kids went to bed early so that you can have some time to complete your 'to-do' projects. So last night, I did 2 totes & a wall pocket. I'm pretty happy with the result. :)

A wall pocket for the hall - something I wanted to do for a long time! I love the idea.

This wall pocket was greatly inspired by one of the crafter Sally. I lifted her idea. Friends who know me are aware how much I adore her stuffs. She's an inspiration and makes me want to try everything she does. If only I have more time to spare. You bet I will definitely squeeze sometime doing things I love lol. And since I have all the material needed to make this wall pocket, this was what I came up with. Nothing close to Sally's but I'm pretty pleased with my first tryout. So, bye bye to the messy letters flying all over the table. And, I found another great use for this wall pocket - a display panel for my layout! I will be doing another one for the girls' room. Patchwork all cut and ready.

Did I mention how much I love patchwork & bags? Inspiration from craft books, inspiration from craft blogs, inspiration from everywhere. You will see more patchwork totes from me in the future. I love the process in choosing the different fabrics for the totes. I think I'm addicted to making these.

Orange numbers - big missy likes this but this is way too big for her

Using my favorites here - linen & prints

I'm off to bed now, kids are cranky. Goodnight and till later.


Anonymous said...

And you did all these within a night?!? I'm speechless and those are absolutely gorgeous. You're a great talent really.


rashida said...

oh my! some lovely crafting here! I loooove the linen tote! the fabric combination is to die for. nice work as usual. ^_^

scrapcat said...

gorgeous projects!
esp. love the last bag!

shirley said...

Okay, Lene! First of all why have I not seen your blog before?
I love it!! All your layouts and crafts! Your beautiful children!

I am adding you to my blog roll so I can check in from time to time!

Love the bags! they are Awesome!

Take care!


linda said...

You never fail to inspire. Beautiful projects!!

elaine t said...

Yay!! I can finally leave a comment on your blog after several tries over the past couple of days. Your projects are beautiful! I love your wall project and the totes, esp. the linen one!! Can I ask another favour from you? (I know I keep asking - so sorry) Could you email me on how you did the wall project? Thank you so much!

bp said...

Very lovely!

You're so good with all kinds of creative projects, maybe you can consider doing do crafts full-time and then you can stay home and be with the kids at the same time? =)

melissa deakin said...

i love your bags and your wall pocket.
fabulous work.
i am new to sewing and really love the patchwork look.
can i just ask you for your bags...did you do the patchwork separately and then just sew it to the outside piece of fabric.
also, did you use a pattern for this or just make it up as you went along?
i am still looking for a great tote bag tutorial/pattern.
thanks so much for any help you can give me.

Lina said...

The bags are lovely!!