Tuesday, July 31, 2007

waiting patiently

THIS - I'm dying to read it. I was told by my fellow scrapbooking friends that they read about my article featured in the Aug/ Sept issue and on Page 26 (4 pages) of the Legacy Magazine! That's right, my very first publication article in print with Legacy Magzines now known as Somerset Memories. Alright, I will be stalking my mailbox/mailman closely!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

a great crafting sat night

You are one happy woman when your kids went to bed early so that you can have some time to complete your 'to-do' projects. So last night, I did 2 totes & a wall pocket. I'm pretty happy with the result. :)

A wall pocket for the hall - something I wanted to do for a long time! I love the idea.

This wall pocket was greatly inspired by one of the crafter Sally. I lifted her idea. Friends who know me are aware how much I adore her stuffs. She's an inspiration and makes me want to try everything she does. If only I have more time to spare. You bet I will definitely squeeze sometime doing things I love lol. And since I have all the material needed to make this wall pocket, this was what I came up with. Nothing close to Sally's but I'm pretty pleased with my first tryout. So, bye bye to the messy letters flying all over the table. And, I found another great use for this wall pocket - a display panel for my layout! I will be doing another one for the girls' room. Patchwork all cut and ready.

Did I mention how much I love patchwork & bags? Inspiration from craft books, inspiration from craft blogs, inspiration from everywhere. You will see more patchwork totes from me in the future. I love the process in choosing the different fabrics for the totes. I think I'm addicted to making these.

Orange numbers - big missy likes this but this is way too big for her

Using my favorites here - linen & prints

I'm off to bed now, kids are cranky. Goodnight and till later.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

all bundled up

My orders arrived in my mailbox last night!! The prints are absolutely gorgeous irl. These + my current stash = loads of fun! Don't you love the bright summery colors?!?

Monday, July 23, 2007

a perfect fit (almost!) + some cool stuffs

It fits! I think I will sew more of this for the girls since my sister in law just passed me some fabrics she bought from Tokyo!
My friend, Christine tagged me as a Rockin Girl blogger. How cool, thanks girlfriend! Do check her out - she rocks! I am passing this to my two friends, R and BP. Love reading their blogs :)

And, one more before I pen down. Head over to Purple Onion Designs for some great rubber stamps!!! Michele (super nice lady!) is having her 4th anniversary sale and it's 25% off all stamps! I will be doing more layouts for her gallery soon!

a dress for big missy

So I wanted to attempt this shirred dress by kukyideas for the longest time. I wanted to sew a simple dress (I did a halter here) for C's coming 3rd birthday. Yup, if it is presentable enough to wear in front of the guest! Since the days are drawing near, I better stitch up something. I quickly did this after the girls went to bed. It took me 1.5 hour to complete, the steps are really easy to comprehend. I like sewing this esp the shirring part and I will definitely do more when my new fabric arrives - little girls won't mind having more dresses. :) The fabric used was a vintage floral design bought from a local fabric store at a really low price!

Goodnight. Tll later...

late night post

Some totes I did for my DT project. I made this library tote as part of my DT assignment last week. S included this piece of Alexander Henry fabric in my DT kit. Love the print and color - so bold!

Another denim
canvas tote I did for C. The Japanese fabric on the right is a little pocket for her (she is SO into pockets now, refuses to wear clothes without pockets). I like it that the bag size is just nice for her little frame and she loves her little tote. :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

some reading fun

I was just looking at S's blog, the first thing that came to my mind was wow her 1.5 week old baby has got more hair than my coming 9 mo lol! I know hair will grow but it's taking a bit too long eh and I remembered C's hair didn't take that long to grow. I guess it's all in the genes as mum told me I was "botak" for the longest time when I was a baby!

Anyway, pictures of the girls. Some reading fun before bedtime.

Big Missy with little Missy

I love to read too

Sunday, July 15, 2007

mid month gallery

So they are all up at MFM's gallery. This month kit screams COLORS! I had lots of fun playing with them. The add-ons transparencies are FAB too. And here goes 3 more layouts in addition to the one I did earlier.

31 Flavors: take this in whatever direction you’d like. Flavors of summer, favorite flavors (literally), etc.

Flavors from my all time favorite Bath and Body Works.

Our recent family group outing at the Singapore Bird Park.

Anything goes for summertime!

Off to create more layouts, nitezzz!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


C is 35 months and baby L is 8 months old today! The girls' birthdays fall on the 7th of the month. They are exactly 27 months apart and it's amazing how fast they have grown.

The elder one will be celebrating her 3rd birthday next month. Yay, party time! And she is totally aware of what's a birthday party - balloons, presents, cakes, etc and even requested what's for her birthday cake and pressie. Let's just say she's now a little lady with a character of her own. ;)

And the younger one at 8 months old. Imagine baby turning 1yo in another 4 months time! :0

On a different note, I've received an email from Stampington & Company that my article will be published in the upcoming August issue of the Legacy Scrapbooking magazine. My article is titled, Singular Sensations featuring 7 layouts of mine. I'm all excited to receive a copy of the magazine as we do not have it here in Singapore. I will share and take pictures of the article once I receive it. Till later..

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

bedroom slippers

Finally took some pictures of the bedroom slippers I did last week. We wear slippers in the house. I did another pair for C since she is about to outgrown the current pair that she's wearing The length was too big for her but I guess it's okay and it probably can last her longer. I have to be extra slow and precise when sewing the curves so that the slippers won't get out of shape.

Using this piece of lovely owl fabric.

Monday, July 02, 2007

for idea gallery 1

One layout done for July Idea gallery at MFM. Love the STEMMA Paper and the DB sugar coated paper, so sparkling & blinky! And Shari sent me lots of Hambly overlays & Heidi Swapp transparencies to play with. One can never get tired of these. I will be sharing the rest of my work in 2 weeks time for Round 2 gallery.

and, happy july everyone!