Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's good to pick up again

I used to do embriodery when I was younger (Pri 6). And I started crafting (knitting, cross stitch) around that age too but sad to say I lost interest over them very soon.

I took up knitting class and knitted a long wool sweater for myself more than a decade back. However, it took me 6 long years to complete! And I do not think I want to start knitting or cross-stitch again as it is too time consuming. I am those who wants to see a result fast - finishing up my project within 3 days or so. That probably explained why I’m still loving scrapbooking after 2 years!

I'm glad to pick up embriodery again. It's lower maintenance (in term of monetary) craft as compared to the others I love (shopping for fabrics + scrapbook stuffs). All you need - needles & threads and you can start stitching. I like it that you can come up with your very own pattern and you will sure to be inspired by the wide range of craft books out there. I love doing embriodery on linens than on plain cottons. I guess that's because I prefer the textured kind of look.

A passport holder I did for myself last weekend. I embroidered the mushroom (inspired by a mushroom fabric I've got!) on the front cover. I like the simplicity of it. I had to hand stitch the flaps because the materials used were too thick to feed into the machine. I'm in the midst of doing more holders for C, baby L and the hubby.

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Pris said...

That is so totally lovely!