Tuesday, June 26, 2007

birdpark adventure

We spent our Sunday at the bird park together with J & HL's family & our baby sitter. I couldn't quite remember when was the last time I visited the bird park but the park sure changed a lot since then. The kids were very excited about the trip being their first time there. They love the parrots, especially the talking ones and the penguins. It was a nice trip afterall except for the sun which was a bit too strong and hot. But mummy was the most happy because nothing beat good lightings for photo taking!

love signboards

C, big J and small J just outside the penguin gallery. Coincidentally, they were wearing the same khakis outfits :D

Flamingo watching

Waterfall by the edge

The London look alike telephone booth

Hand in hand


bp said...

All the kids looking so happy!

linda said...

Looks fun!

chicchicbaby said...

Ohhh...havent seen my future dil for so long, she's quite a beauty now. Hehehe.