Friday, June 29, 2007

japanese inspired

I did this Japanese inspired (so love!) tote bag for C so that she can bring along her favorite Dr Seuss' books when she go over to the baby sitter's place. She loves the mushroom fabric so much that she asked me to make another bag for baby L. She wants her baby sister to carry the same bag as her. lol :):)

And, my July kit from MFM has arrived! I will be busy scrapping and crafting again.

Till later...

just another one

Can you get enough of these gingham and polka dots fabrics??

More fun stuffs to make for the kids using these reproduction fabrics.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's good to pick up again

I used to do embriodery when I was younger (Pri 6). And I started crafting (knitting, cross stitch) around that age too but sad to say I lost interest over them very soon.

I took up knitting class and knitted a long wool sweater for myself more than a decade back. However, it took me 6 long years to complete! And I do not think I want to start knitting or cross-stitch again as it is too time consuming. I am those who wants to see a result fast - finishing up my project within 3 days or so. That probably explained why I’m still loving scrapbooking after 2 years!

I'm glad to pick up embriodery again. It's lower maintenance (in term of monetary) craft as compared to the others I love (shopping for fabrics + scrapbook stuffs). All you need - needles & threads and you can start stitching. I like it that you can come up with your very own pattern and you will sure to be inspired by the wide range of craft books out there. I love doing embriodery on linens than on plain cottons. I guess that's because I prefer the textured kind of look.

A passport holder I did for myself last weekend. I embroidered the mushroom (inspired by a mushroom fabric I've got!) on the front cover. I like the simplicity of it. I had to hand stitch the flaps because the materials used were too thick to feed into the machine. I'm in the midst of doing more holders for C, baby L and the hubby.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

birdpark adventure

We spent our Sunday at the bird park together with J & HL's family & our baby sitter. I couldn't quite remember when was the last time I visited the bird park but the park sure changed a lot since then. The kids were very excited about the trip being their first time there. They love the parrots, especially the talking ones and the penguins. It was a nice trip afterall except for the sun which was a bit too strong and hot. But mummy was the most happy because nothing beat good lightings for photo taking!

love signboards

C, big J and small J just outside the penguin gallery. Coincidentally, they were wearing the same khakis outfits :D

Flamingo watching

Waterfall by the edge

The London look alike telephone booth

Hand in hand

Monday, June 25, 2007

no housework and crafting all day long

So I have decided not to clean my house over the weekends and did some sewing instead. Over the months, I have been hunting for my favorite fabrics and finally gotten them all (almost)! I love all things handmade for that personal touch and how nice it is to finish something you did for your kids. Very accomplishing indeed. :) I will try to post pictures later as I did not manage to get good lightings in the house.

I heart these reproduction fabrics, I think they make nice dresses and blouses!

Love these! And they were made into something cute for the girls and gift for friends.

My favorite hedgehods!

These are some of the fabrics I've been longing for!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

July kit for OPAAT

The DT work for OPAAT- July Kit. More inspiration over here.

Join them for their 'Happy Together' contest and the winner will get to win the new Love, Elsie Betty prize package! :D Deadline is 06.30.2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

oh happy day!

I've finished my DT work and soon going to work on some of my crafting projects since my new stash of fabrics has arrived!!! This is the very first assignment from MFM featuring the Love Elsie Toby line. I really love the 'backside' of the Elsie patterned papers - screaming ledgers at me! Head off here to see more inspiration from the other MFM designers. And, take a peep at their July Kit - 31 Flavors, gorgeous!

I will be sharing my work for OPAAT very soon - The Elsie Roxie line. Till later..

Monday, June 04, 2007

last month for laines

This will be the last month with Laines DT. They are having a call for new designers from July - Sep 07. Do give it a try! Here're the June work using 7G and Hambly products.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

completed baby quilt blankie

Here's the completed quilt blankie for baby L. I did not do the actual binding and took the shortcut. Simply place the patchwork piece putting right sides together in between the batting & backing and viola!

Friday, June 01, 2007

pencil case

C asked for a pencil case yesterday afternoon. And this silly mummy didn't realise that she needs a pencil case to store her stationeries. Right now, her color pencils are all over in her little haversack, errr which is quite messy actually. So I quickly did this for her last night with one of her favorite fabric. :D