Wednesday, May 02, 2007

long due

I've been tagged by Cathy to name 7 random things about me. So, here goes...

1.I got my driver’s license at the age of 19. Now, how long ago was that???

2.I was on the school volleyball team during my school days. Can you tell hehe?

3.I think I’m very lucky when comes to child birthing. Although my hubby wasn’t with me when I was delivering my elder one (he was infected with chicken pox! Good timing ya?) Luckily, labor was easy and a short 3 hours. Otherwise I think I would have blame DH for making me suffer lol. Baby #2 was cooperative too and labor took about the same time. I’m also proud to say I did not have epidural for both deliveries!

4. I don’t quite agree I’ve nice looking legs which everyone tells me so. I think I look kind of ‘unbalanced’? Big body + slim legs?? OMG, that sounds like an owl?!?! *Hoot Hoot*

5. I HATE lizards! Okay admit it, I’m AFRAID of them. But, if you need help to chase away roaches, look for me!

6. I love Capri and I have approx. 25 pairs of them in my wardrobe. Not forgetting my 5 pairs of Birkenstock which are too comfortable for my feet.

7. If I can choose all over again, I would choose to do interior design or illustration arts. I'm always on a look out for home decorating related stuffs and admire artworks done by the incredible artists out there! I wish I can shift home every 3 months so that I can shop for furnitures and stuffs!

Alright now, I’m tagging Christin, BP and Sri!

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Sri said...

Sorry it took so long. :D