Sunday, April 08, 2007

hello farm friends

These are Cher's latest craze - her little farm friends. As usual, got these wooden toys from my favorite place at Daiso - S$2 for a pack of 3 figurines. Really cool stuffs one can find there! She got a little bored with her current lego set and has been bugging me to get her more stuffs. I am not really keen to get her too many of those Duplo set so these should make her happy for now. hehe. Good thing is, she gladly accepted those in addition to her current lego set. :D


bp said...

Nice toys... I can tell why Cher like them =)

Is there a Daiso in S'pore? I don't think there's one around where we stay here. Or did you buy this online?

{Scrap_A_Bee} said...

Yes, Daiso used to have only one retail store in Singapore and recently they've opened 2 more branches at Plaza SIN & Vivo City (it's a new HUGE mall like the one in
Valley Fair at Santa Clara)!