Tuesday, April 24, 2007

fun at pool

Our family spent a good dip in the pool last Sunday. Of cos, Cher was the most excited of all when we told her that we're going swimming. Most importantly, weather was great at 3pm & I managed to snap a couple of great shots of Cher.

You know, I almost failed to download my photos to the PC thinking it was my memory card/camera problem (was it illusion or what or because I'm sooo dying to get a Canon EOS or Nikon D80?? Arghhh) Well, fortunately or unfortunately, it was my card reader problem LOL! Dream on again for DSLR.

on the way to the pool

up the stairs

ready get set

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

pin cushions

made these simple and easy pincushions last night.

Monday, April 16, 2007

hoot hoot [good luck]

Owls are seen as a good luck symbol all over the world which is also a popular symbol for Japanese, who call them “fuku-rou”. And now, they're popular even in scrapbooking! So, it's never too many to have them in the house. Doing simple craft like this make us happy. Well, at first Cher called these 'birds' instead of owls but I've to say she's not totally wrong as owls are part of the bird family too! Another good way use up my AC thickers with these foam owls! Such fun!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

i'm good to go

I have been procrastinating working on the article assignment for months (since 4Q 2006). And now, I'm good to go! I've emailed my article to the managing editor and my article and artwork has been approved (one off my load for now). I'll be mailing all of my artwork to them next week. The article will be featured August this year and hopefully I'll be able to take a few shots and post here. So, do check back. :D

Monday, April 09, 2007

happy anniversary and some scrappy stuffs

Today is our 13th anniversary! Time flies! We decided to stay home & dh requested for some sushi. I made lots of makis and sushi rice balls. I even made extras for my baby sitter's family and it's good to hear people telling me how yummy those sushi are. Pics shown are just the few of them :D

Japanese Makis - fillings are all DH's favorite - pork floss, unagi, tuna moya, etc

Sushi rice balls

Lots of loves and hearts :D

Anniversary LO

One of my favorite

I think something is wrong with my camera :( The bottom right corner of every shot I took turned out to be blurry. I suspect it could be due to some vapour within the lens.

what a thing to happen!!!

The rear of our car's windscreen got smashed into pieces at the hubby's workplace last night! We believed it was done by some drunken. Sigh, that's all I can say...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

hello farm friends

These are Cher's latest craze - her little farm friends. As usual, got these wooden toys from my favorite place at Daiso - S$2 for a pack of 3 figurines. Really cool stuffs one can find there! She got a little bored with her current lego set and has been bugging me to get her more stuffs. I am not really keen to get her too many of those Duplo set so these should make her happy for now. hehe. Good thing is, she gladly accepted those in addition to her current lego set. :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

truly addictive

This Lisa really got me addicted to this. Click here if you don't believe! Enter at your own risk.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

revealing the gallery at laines

Laines Papeterie site is now up here. Here're 3 layouts and 1 altered I did for them using the new Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl series. Really enjoyed working with those papers!