Saturday, March 31, 2007

now I've got a set

tissue holder + cosmetic pouch! (I bought the wrong zipper, way too long for my little pouch :p) I have this thing for cosmetic pouch, so much so that I have many of them! Maybe I should really stop buying them & make more of these with my favorite fabrics. :) Cheap and personalized! Actually nice fabrics ain't cheap!


Chris said...

It looks really cool, stylo.. retro style so ur style.. :)

bp said...

Looks cool, I agree! What a great idea, and nothing beats handmade gifts straight from the heart!

I could tell you love polka dots from an earlier LO you did ;p

Cindy said...

Nice pouches!
You can actually cut away the extra portion of the zip and sew a pc of fabrics for the zip to stop there. HTHs.. :)