Friday, February 23, 2007

my precious

I'm here to do a quick update before I rush off again. After a prolong illness for about a month, Baby L was admitted to the hospital last night. :( The blood test result shown that it was a bacterial infection. Poor baby has to be put on drip with antibiotics!! But I am happy to see that she is getting better, more alert and most importantly - her precious SMILE - miss that! Hubby's outstation again but I'm glad to have my mother-in law to look after baby L while I come back to take a shower and a quick nap. Alright, it's time to pack up and off to see baby.


Nura Keif said...

Oh no,been there!!Take care and hope your baby get well soon.

Mel said...

Hang in there - she's already getting better! You take care of yourself too!

Irene said...

Hope Baby L recover soon.