Sunday, February 04, 2007

i was tagged

by Cathy to name 6 weird or quirky things about me. So here goes:

1. I love LIMES! The more the merrier! One of my favorite local dish has gotta be Fried Hokkien Noodle and I'll have at least 5 limes to go with it. Yes, I always get stares or comment like 'You're mad' from friends when they see me doing that haha! Steamed sweet corn with tons of butter is also one of my favorite snack. Sinful I know, lol.

2. I don't comb/brush my hair. Not even when I'm out from the shower. Lazy? I think just cant be bothered with my hair haha. I would just leave it as it is! Lucky thing is, my hair is naturally straight & thin so it's kind of
maintenance free. I prefer permed hair though.

3. I love scented stuffs. From perfumes to body lotions, aromatherapy oil, home
fragrance oil, scented candles, fragrance spray, etc. I've many burners at every little corner of my home. I have an unbelievable collection of body lotions, shower cream, home spray from Bath & Body Works. Just love their stuffs! I can't finish them all but I like to hoard them or just give friends as gifts. Love their huge stores, their 3 for $10 Anti-Bacterial Collection, friendly staffs and excellent service. A pity is, one of my favorite line "CoolCitrusBasil" has been discontinued. Love this product name! And that's how I got my pea name 'basil' in short. And oh, I love to scrap in a conducive environment with dim lightings and light up some scented candles at the same time.

4. I love to cook and can cook pretty well but people just can't tell that I can cook, let alone a good cook.

5. I really hate vacuuming the floor but I totally love mopping. There was once I mopped up to 3 times a day for no reason. hehe

6. I met my hubby 14 years ago. That's more than a decade!

Ok, I have shared more than 6 of mine. I'm going to tag Sri, Christin &

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