Friday, January 05, 2007

mobile-less days

Yesterday was the 3rd time I stepped into the Nokia Service Center. Lots of problems!

It all started with
1. The headset sign on the phone does not goes off! The technical support guy told me it could be a software bug and advise me to bring it down to the service center. How on earth did I get that as I did not download any software or access to the web using my phone. End up I've to use my earpiece whenever I'm on the phone. How convenient is that?!
2. Charger not working, no signal at all.
3. Cannot detect both my memory cards (64 MB & a 1 GB which I paid $45)
4 Handphone slider came off. It is so fragile I tell ya. (Nokia ran out of stock for the slider & I have to wait for a week for it which made me wonder if it is a common issue).

I have to leave my phone with them for a week plus. As usual they're going to wipe out all my data (again). I really dread backing up my data especially when I have lots of photos, favorite ringtones & contacts stored in my phone. Seriously, I still prefer my previous Sony Ericsson phones. At least they did not give me much problem and the Nokia is still quite new (only 6mo) :(

But, after that it's shopping time again! All I can say is my pocket is terribly damaged, lol.

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