Tuesday, January 30, 2007

*jenni bowlin* loving vintage

Vintage papers are from Jenni Bowlin Studio. Love the RED! More gift projects to be done cos' V-Day is coming! :-D

<<< - is that for real?

<<< - dream big


flyingmichelle said...

so glad that you have a blog.
love love your stuff.
thanks for saying hi and mine.

jothescrapaddict said...

hi there,
nice to see your layouts, i was attracted to them because they are so detailed yet not so bz looking,.. i am still working on that one! at least you have discovered your style..

have a question, does your friend own that online store that went to CHA? I am about to go to SING on the 2nd and wondered, I thought I had visited all the store fronts scrapbooking stores there....

{Scrap_A_Bee} said...

Hi! That's right, The Velvet Cat went to CHA and they've got a lot of yummy products! Do email them at info@velvet-cat.com should you need more info. I have their online store linked on my blog ;)

bp said...

Just saw these layouts and the other lot you posted just before them. I think they all look so hip and nice.

Show us more! I'm your new fan! =)