Friday, December 22, 2006

lego playhouse

Cher has always enjoy playing with puzzles and mega blocks. Hence, I thought why not get her a set of lego ville for the coming x'mas. Been aiming for this playhouse set for months but didnt get it earlier as I thought I should buy it nearer to x'mas. But now, it is running out of stock at most stores! Count myself lucky to be able to get hold of it today (all thanks to the phone calls I've made to check on its availability) lol. There is a newer model of this - Doll House which has more figurines but no thanks the price tag is scary! This set is a good catch and I know C will love it!


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Anonymous said...

have not seen this one - so cute! We got the Thomas the Train Duplo set Sofi....she loves Legos (and Thomas)!!